vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Medaillons - Ariane

Acrylics on cardboard (actually, a cheese box!).
An illustration for each part of Ariane's and Timiga's story. 

On the first one , Ariane is something like 11 years old and lives in a kind of convent school. On the second picture, she is a servant in a old manor (as SylwiaTelari perfectly illustrated it ♥)

Wildpath - Sanctuary

And here: the whole serie!!

mardi 25 septembre 2012

Unfinished - Ivy knight

Drawing on A4 paper with watercolors and inks. 
Begun 5 months ago Oo

It's maybe time to finish it. I only have to find the rights colors, and do a beautiful border... 
and it can take several weeks again x)

Væsten is Argentë's fiance and lover.
Horse's name is not found yet. 

Some related sketches with them all and Vejze.
Maybe future illustrations, if I can find the time...

mardi 18 septembre 2012

Requests - Part I

Hello everyone!

Since half people here aren't french, 
I decided to write in English. I hope everybody will understand (:

So, let's go for the three first requests I get from several people from dA. 

Consider it as colored sketches, they aren't so much accomplished.

The first one is for MaedreaM, about her gentle lady Neadda. 
The pretty maid with antlers is Junie, who has been asked by Getsuart for her friend Anassete
And the last girl with the squirrel is called Yeldë and is for lamuseartregne.


I hope you will like them (: