vendredi 17 mai 2013

"Dancing with the moonlit knight"

 Back into Argentë's and some love stories. The two sketches depict new characters ; they are called Dagny and Hævnar, and I don't know yet about the horse. I'll maybe do an illustration with the second one.

 And I'm still working on this one. Here you can see Argentë and Væsten, the same than here if you don't know him yet. I admit the pose comes from the "chansonnier manesse", a beautiful illustrated book from the XIIth century.

 They look like angels here...
Maybe the finished piece tomorrow on dA (:

The title of the article is the one of Genesis' songs, a particularly beautiful one I like a lot...

vendredi 10 mai 2013

Bluebells' time

Yesterday was a very nice day. 

Some students from the Scandinavian studies and one of our teachers organized a picnic in the woods. Weather was perfect and that's the season of bluebells which were everywhere... it was such an enchanting forest.
We walked a while to find a lovely place near a small stream to eat swedish food and candies, to play party games about vikings and a game of skills called "Kubb", very popular in Sweden. It's a kind of primitive game but we can have a lot of fun with it. Nevertheless because of my legendary skilfulness I preferred to go and find some beautiful trees and places to draw...

mardi 7 mai 2013

What happens... - Work in progress

  "What happens to the bad boys"

This is a little A3 painting I've started last week, based on some sketches I drew in my Danish classe (the last one! ;.; ).
It isn't finished yet.

It seems that the kelpie/waterhorse/bäckahäst who drowns its riders is a subject I like. This drawing is particularly close to the depiction that Theodor Kittelsen did . It wasn't my first intention but I prefer to share my profound influences (:


Let's see a work in progress. I began with strong pencil lines, what I never do. The aim here was to do not use ink for the line art.

Adding green, blue and black watercolor glazing.

Black and blue on the trees, green on the reeds. I also added "black stone" pencil, which gives a nice texture on the paper.

Each gesture is a new one with this drawing, I had never proceeded like that before.
I hope the final result will be a nice one!

mercredi 1 mai 2013

Spring is here

At last! This colorful explosion makes me want to paint garden, flowers, and impressionist scenes!!
And what's better than acrylics to do this?? (;

The first painting depicting a tree in a valley is a distinction prize done some weeks ago for ndris970.
The second one with the pony is supposed to be for someone in my mom's family. I think I was a bit influenced by Klimt's gardens for the flowers (I dream to paint a copy of this!)