lundi 29 octobre 2012

Gösta Berlings Saga

Gösta Berlings Saga is a book written in 1891 by Selma Lagerlöf (Nobel Prize 1909) about the story of a defrocked priest in the Värmland (Sweden) of the 1820-years. 

I read it for the first time some years ago, and I was delighted when it happened that we studied it at the university. It was something good because that story is really hard to understand if you read it only once, and it's anyways impossible to summarize, because of both the large number of characters and stories.

A silent movie was done in 1924 about the legend of Gösta Berling directed by Maurits Stiller. The leading parts are played by Lars Hanson and Greta Garbo. 

As someone who dislike watching movies, I have a different feeling about silent movies. 
Even if its duration is longer than three hours, the great music, the beautiful costumes and theatrical make-up make it very nice to watch.

The scene of the ride.

The author of Gösta Berling's saga, Selma Lagerlöf, didn't like a lot the movie, because of all the changes in the story and characters. For someone who has read the book, the script is very disconcerting.

For example, the ride scene happens in the first part of the book, with a young lady called Anna Stiernhök who completely disappear in the movie. There she is replaced by Elisabeth Dohna (Greta Garbo) and we can see it at the end of the movie.

Anyways, it's still a pleasant scene ♥

Love scene ride on YouTube

mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Autumn day, by Isaac Levitan

Hi there!
Autumn is here and all is golden, yellow, orange and red everywhere. 

I couldn't resist to paint an autumn scenery. 
And when I saw "Autumn day, Sokolniki" by Isaac Levitan, I took the plunge. 
And this is how it went out:

Actually, I always think about Ariane-Rosalka when I'm looking at this picture. 
It looks a bit better in real. 
Some WIPs:

Acrylics paints on 30*40cm canvas. 
Done with brushes and filling knives.

mardi 16 octobre 2012

Fox and blue Maiden

Some little paintings made this week-end!!

I'm quite happy about them, they make me want to draw more and more!! And it's a nice feeling...

The first one is a birthday gift for Linelana!
Emina is her pretty fox maiden, nice at draw with sepia and sanguine inks...

And the second one is about Némée Petersen, a character of Lemming (Miss-Friskies on dA), for her birthday too!! I was very interested by this blue-haired maiden with obsessive compulsive disorder, time-obsessed as much as I'm a closed doors-obsessed 
(it works also with windows, gas and electric wires).

For this one I was a looooot inspired by the wonderful illustrator Warwick Goble, and particularly that picture.  I don't like so much copy (so badly) others but I couldn't stop myself from doing it!!

I was listening to the last Therion album. Quite odd, especially for a French-speaker.
And I discover French songs through a Swedish band!

Therion - Une fleur dans le coeur
(Victoire Scott Cover)