vendredi 19 juillet 2013

Medieval Time #2

Another medieval fest, that time in the great city of Bergues!
Noone in the world nor in France used to know that city (neither did I) until a certain movie directed by the humorist Dany Boon which became the most seen french movie, in which Bergues' inhabitants speak the "ch'ti" language (name given to the region's dialects), even if actually the city is flemish.

Anyways, this article isn't here to debate about this but to show some pictures of that nice day (:

 One of the shows presented that day was the same at Mons-en-Pévèle that I described in a previous article. That owl in flight was the biggest I've ever seen, and the valture choosing which colorful and plump child she'll eat was the same one that walked on my back at the previous fest. 

There were also street entertainers and the real Quasimodo. 

And now... that was the hotly anticipated moment of all the day... ♥

In my feverish and quite pathologic passion for horses, I took plenty of pictures...
I let you admire the beautiful coats of arm.


On the right, that's Bergues' one.
All the grey horses were very fiery, that was so pleasant to see them stamp. 
The black one (maybe a Friesan) was quieter.

An elegant pose

And there was the final confrontation. Who'll win? The villain on his dark wearing horse or the lady knight of Bergues? 

But as you can notice, the dark knight removed his feet out of the stirrups... Now that's easy to guess who will be the winner!! 

What a pity, he was my favorite one!! 

And after the effort... (:

mardi 9 juillet 2013

Impressionist girl

Let's go for a short and quite disparate article about museums...

Wandering through art museums is one of my favorite hobbies. And particularly when it's almost free (from transport to entry) for me and when there is a library with several thousand art book we can leaf through. And that particular museum is the second Louvre in Lens ♥
Even if the permanent gallery is quite boring, the two things I've mentionned above and the actual temporary exposition compensate it (:

So, as I said, I like to go through museums and art books. And I like also to draw after paintings and pictures I see, particularly when the characters depicted remind me a lot my own, just like I did for that painting here.
And I noticed that plenty of ladies from the XIXth century remind me Ariane-Rosalka o:
Two drawings done efter pictures found in a wonderful book called "Impressionism and fashion":

 "Le Repos" by Edouard Manet and  "Octobre" by James Tissot

And see also "La Lecture" by Charles Guérin...
 When I saw that painting in the Art and Industry Museum of Roubaix (my favorite one) I was completely astonished by the likeness!! Even the fringe is here!!

And here, some more stuff done at the Louvre-Lens: horses studies after Rubens' "Fall of Phaeton", very useful for a prancing pony like Cabriole (the temporary exposition is now dedied to Rubens, and I'll tell about it in another article), and from a older visit to the museum with my dear Kafkami where she drew for the first time Ariane on her pony "in the mammoths' valley" (after Brueghel that time!!)

More to come: how I found Timiga and Ariane in some advertisements for starch.

mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Moondragon's detailes

Some WIPs and close-ups of my last watercolor, depicting Gewalgon's character and poweranimal Alvrericjas for our art trade.

Finished version on my DeviantArt gallery (: