dimanche 28 avril 2013

Shades of grey

And the late promised drawings serie continues with these three prizes from the last GrimGloomTale's contest. The first one (on the left) is Valentina's character Pohelia (the same than here). She asked me her character "picking some mushrooms in the forest). The second one is Daenerys and her horse The Silver from the Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, for Rose-Ann-Mary-K. It's the first time I do a "fanart" of these books I love, featuring my favorite character. The third one is an illustration of the tale "The seven raven" by the brothers Grimm and dedied to Doertchen.

These three drawings are done on paper (an A4 and two A5 size) with a "black stone" pencil. It looks a bit like a charcoal pencil. 
It was the first time I used only it on a drawing.

samedi 27 avril 2013

Free drawings, 8 months after

A last finished!!
Don't ask me why it took me a so long time...

So, a Mapuche girl for Naivara (done with acrylic on paper), the colorful horse Merrow for Yewrezz (watercolor and ink on paper) and the eagle monk called VII for InferorumCanis ("black stone" pencil on paper - I thought it was better in black and white...).

I hope you will like it and thank you so much for your patience! ♥