mardi 25 décembre 2012

Hungarian Dances

Hello everyone and a joyful Christmas to all you!

 As part I'm concerned I spent a lot of time yesterday to paint something on canvas.
And here the result!!
I painted after one of Teréz Pásztor's wonderful photographies, aka Hikari-Kirin on dA, and called "We are free". Thanks to her for let me paint these handsome Lipizzaner stallions Pötyi and Bajos!! ♥

Acrylics and mediums (heavy gloss gel) on 30*60 cm canvas. Done with knives and brushes. 

Lipizzaner are from Slovenia.  More about them here.

Here can you see my work space... hum I don't know if we can call this a "space" O:
And some Antonín Dvořák recording cd, a great Czech composer I like a lot.
 Walzer (to make an idea)
I also was a lot inspired by Franz Liszt from Hungary, just like Pötyi and Bajos (: and his Hungarian Rhapsodies.

And now I'm fond of classical music... Yesterday I also watched "Joyeux Noël" and the opera parts impressed me a lot... A very beautiful and moving movie I invite you to watch...


vendredi 7 décembre 2012

GrimGloomTale's prizes

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce you my very last drawings. 
They were done for the contest's prizes into GrimGloomTale (my friend Sylwia's group on dA). I had to do them since September Oo

Finally they're done *sight of relief* and I'm quite glad about them (:

On the left, I hop you recognize Timiga and Ariane. It's dedied to Erin Claire who asked me "a girl in the snow" (:

The warrior-maiden with the white wolf is Pohjela and belongs to ValentinaMustajarvi. And at last, the lady in green is Nire, and is for LiquidFaeStudio.

mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Autumn sketches

Another free drawing!
This one, kindly asked by SylwiaTelari, is for Ytril who celebrates her birthday today!
Lajana and Meroh in a sepia ink mood. 

I hope you will like it!

And now, some sketches done in my searches for Sylwia's birthday's present!
Maybe a base for some future illustrations... hehe (: