mardi 25 décembre 2012

Hungarian Dances

Hello everyone and a joyful Christmas to all you!

 As part I'm concerned I spent a lot of time yesterday to paint something on canvas.
And here the result!!
I painted after one of Teréz Pásztor's wonderful photographies, aka Hikari-Kirin on dA, and called "We are free". Thanks to her for let me paint these handsome Lipizzaner stallions Pötyi and Bajos!! ♥

Acrylics and mediums (heavy gloss gel) on 30*60 cm canvas. Done with knives and brushes. 

Lipizzaner are from Slovenia.  More about them here.

Here can you see my work space... hum I don't know if we can call this a "space" O:
And some Antonín Dvořák recording cd, a great Czech composer I like a lot.
 Walzer (to make an idea)
I also was a lot inspired by Franz Liszt from Hungary, just like Pötyi and Bajos (: and his Hungarian Rhapsodies.

And now I'm fond of classical music... Yesterday I also watched "Joyeux Noël" and the opera parts impressed me a lot... A very beautiful and moving movie I invite you to watch...


vendredi 7 décembre 2012

GrimGloomTale's prizes

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce you my very last drawings. 
They were done for the contest's prizes into GrimGloomTale (my friend Sylwia's group on dA). I had to do them since September Oo

Finally they're done *sight of relief* and I'm quite glad about them (:

On the left, I hop you recognize Timiga and Ariane. It's dedied to Erin Claire who asked me "a girl in the snow" (:

The warrior-maiden with the white wolf is Pohjela and belongs to ValentinaMustajarvi. And at last, the lady in green is Nire, and is for LiquidFaeStudio.