mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Autumn sketches

Another free drawing!
This one, kindly asked by SylwiaTelari, is for Ytril who celebrates her birthday today!
Lajana and Meroh in a sepia ink mood. 

I hope you will like it!

And now, some sketches done in my searches for Sylwia's birthday's present!
Maybe a base for some future illustrations... hehe (:

8 commentaires:

  1. Oh my goodness! I love the sketches! :3 Especially the one with Ulv, it's so much like him. Actually, I've got an illustration with him planned after the one I'm currently making x) I got from mom 30 A3 watercolour papers, so I'll rule all the daily room painting. All the time!

    Thank you so much for these, I'm so happy (: And I'm sure Ytril will love the illustration, it's really lovely, too.

    1. Actually I thought the one with Ulv could be nice in watercolors (:
      Even if I think I was unconsciously inspired by a coverart of the band Alcest "Ecailles de lune". But if I color it, it would better be in green tones.
      I would be glad to see him once again drawn by you!

      And now, about what are you drawing??? *curiouuuus as always*

      Oh I understand you!! To shop so much paper makes we want to draw more and more!
      Yesterday I couldn't resist.... I also shop A3 watercolor paper, a pack of 100 sheets.... OO
      I'm so febrile, but the worst is that I've no time to draw for myself ;_;

    2. 100 A3 sheets! That must have been so expensive (or, at least, watercolour paper is really expensive in here). But I doubt I'll use all the 30 I bought in a year, and you never know, maybe it'll get cheaper (:

      Currently I'm drawing my part of the art trade with Valentina-Mustajarvi, it'll be finished today or tomorrow (: You've seen Valentina's part at dA already. I used white ink for it, bought it along with watercolour paper, it's totally awesome!

      It'd be looovely to see Ulv painted again ;3

  2. Aww, they're so cute together:3 I love these little flowers and the expression of Lajana's face... Can you send me this illustration via email? I think, tat will be a brilliant wallpaper on my screen;)
    And I love the atmosphere at the last sketch, it's so magical...

  3. J'aime énormément le dernier avec les grands arbres qui prennent tout l'espace ! ça donne une impression de majesté écrasante, mais plutôt sereine, en même temps...Dur à expliquer, mais j'aime vraiment beaucoup ! :)

  4. Merci!! ♥
    Depuis mon dessin en noir et blanc "Vargar" j'ai envie de mettre ce genre d'arbres partout! Je pense que celui-ci devrait être encré en noir et blanc aussi.
    Je vois ce que tu veux dire.. il y a peut-être la pose solennelle du personnage et la bougie qui y sont pour quelque chose aussi (:

  5. Rah, quels croquis sublimes :3 ! Tout est très doux, mesuré dans ton trait. j'aime cette impression d'espace qu'il y a avec tes décors naturels, et puis cette envie magistrale de vouloir y rentrer, y compris dans l'ambiance ** c'est un beau travail

  6. J'adore tes arbres : ils ont toujours une élégance... vivante !