jeudi 16 août 2012

Monts et merveilles

Pour les amateurs d'Art Nouveau...

"Contes des Monts et Merveilles", éditions Gründ, 1987
Une trouvaille faite à Emmaüs, excellent état, une vraie perle! *.*

Couverture d'Alfons Mucha

Intérieur: Aubrey Beardsley
Page de titre: Alfons Mucha de nouveau
Eros et Psyché, illustré par Walter Crane
Cheveux d'or, illustré par Artuš Scheiner

5 commentaires:

  1. Sounds like a great book! I'm not interested in Art Nouveau as much as in the Golden Illustration, but I'd love to take a look at this book anyway (:

    1. I agree, I really would like to find a book with illustrations from that Golden Age *.* But I think I was lucky to find it!
      Once one of my Swedish teacher lent me a book of swedish tales with illustrations by John Bauer, but her daughter had scribbled some of them =/

    2. Awh. The only books with illustration that are Golden Age-ish that I have are LOTR with Alan Lee's and some stories about Martha Rabbit by Shirley Barber (awesome children illustrations!). They're not from the G.O., but I think they are influenced by this a lot. I know there are websites where you can buy some posters and postcards from the G.O., but I forgot the link.

    3. There is that website:

      Oh, my beloved has LOTR illustrated by Alan Lee too! But I did not have ever read it, what a shame, I know!
      Shirley Barber makes beautiful little animals! Reminds me (a little bit) Beatrix Potter, with the cats and the rabbits.

      I've started a collection of the books about tales of the world by Gründ, with great Czech illustrators like Jiří Trnka or Josef Liesler. Those books are so beautiful, I will maybe make an article about them.

    4. Oh yes, I think that Shirley Barber must have read Beatrix Potter's books when she was younger.

      And this is the website I meant! Thanks (: