vendredi 10 mai 2013

Bluebells' time

Yesterday was a very nice day. 

Some students from the Scandinavian studies and one of our teachers organized a picnic in the woods. Weather was perfect and that's the season of bluebells which were everywhere... it was such an enchanting forest.
We walked a while to find a lovely place near a small stream to eat swedish food and candies, to play party games about vikings and a game of skills called "Kubb", very popular in Sweden. It's a kind of primitive game but we can have a lot of fun with it. Nevertheless because of my legendary skilfulness I preferred to go and find some beautiful trees and places to draw...

3 commentaires:

  1. My goodness, this is a beautiful place! I don't have any bluebell forests around, but I love watching photos of them.

    1. It was really impressive and unexpected, since that private wood is in the right middle of the urban area of Lille...

  2. I like the second one, it's a very nice shot.