mardi 20 novembre 2012

Free drawings, part II

Second part of the free drawings I promised several months ago... 

I admit I'm quite ashamed that I took so long time to post them. 

So, the first one is Ivanna walking with an unicorn, for Miulana. I think it's my favorite one, mostly because of the colors, not only the unicorn ^^

The other ones are Gwen, the siren of Direwolfchic, and Gabrielle and her dragon, characters by AxeL-zeck

Since they're mostly done with watercolors-inks, the colors looks so flashy when I scan them... ;_; so you will have this low-quality photo until I would find a solution to that problem. 

Some others drawings would come very soon, just be patient!! ♥

1 commentaire:

  1. Perhaps lowering the saturation in photoshop or gimp could help? (: I don't know how they look scanned, so can't advice in details.