mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Moondragon's detailes

Some WIPs and close-ups of my last watercolor, depicting Gewalgon's character and poweranimal Alvrericjas for our art trade.

Finished version on my DeviantArt gallery (:

3 commentaires:

  1. I love seeing workplaces of others. You've got quite a decent pallette for mixing the paint... I use an old porcelain plate (: I'll comment on the painting itself on dA.

    1. Actually that's my brother's computer (and the tube you see here leaked: that has been my fest!!). If you like to see others' workplaces, I should take more photos of it (:
      And about the palette, it's a Winsor&Newton Cotman box, very practical (there is also a mini pretty box -Kafkami bought it - that I always want to buy just for travel with and paint outdoors!)
      By the way, what brand of material do you use??

    2. I'd love to see your workplace, it's always quite interesting for me to take a peek at where other people create their artworks. Even more interesting since I've established my own proper place and I can compare now. Perhaps I'll photograph it, too (:

      Winsor&Newton! I hope to get it somewhen, though this brand is rather expensive in here. Personally I use some cheaper watercolour, the brand's called Pebeo and they're fairly good, though they obviously lack the quality of W&N. And the big diffrence is that my watercolour comes in tubes, not in cakes. My pencil is an automatic one from Faber-Castell and the refills I use are usually either from F-C, too, or Pentel. Koh-i-noor sometimes.